12 Major Steps For Perpetuating Wealth

God gives seed to every man so that they can reproduce themselves in the next generation. We were made to live for a generation and to leave legacies for the coming ones. When we fail to realise this we end up living and dying for ourselves.

‘12 Major Steps for Perpetuating Wealth’ explores the many reasons why people end up not creating wealth, and it makes a compelling case for creating perpetual wealth.

This insightful piece of work will equip the reader with the concepts and practical tools necessary for creating and perpetuating the wealth God puts into their hands.

The fact that this book challenges the reader to work towards leaving a legacy, makes it a beneficial read – not only for the reader and his generation but also for the generations to come.

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  1. Some reasons why people do not create wealth
  2. Break the poverty mindset
  3. 30 insights for perpetual wealth
  4. Stop wasting financial resources
  5. Create wealth
  6. Make All Businesses Legal
  7. Consider Real Estate
  8. Protect your wealth
  9. Protect your heritage
  10. Build lasting relationships
  11. Write a will
  12. Leave a legacy

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