20 MARCHING ORDERS fulfil your destiny

20 Marching Orders To Fulfill Your Destiny is a ground breaking book. In this book, the Author has given us words of wisdom to live by, laced with powerful Scriptures, striking illustrations and thought provoking anecdotes. This book will produce champions. The approach is uncommon, the prayer points are explosives, while the total outlook is exhaustive as well as readable. The book is a companion that will make life’s journey a successful sojourn.

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  1. Move from failure to learning
  2. Move from the regrets of the past to the vision of the future
  3. Move from being frustrated to being focused
  4. Move from seeing God nowhere to seeing God everywhere
  5. Go from ordinary to extraordinary
  6. Move from being defective to being effective
  7. Move from being lukewarm to being on fire
  8. Move from fear to faith
  9. Move from complaining to obtaining
  10. Move from drifting to being steady
  11. Move from being a problem to being an answer
  12. Move from giving excuses to being committed
  13. Move from being a copy to being an original
  14. Move from ingratitude to thansgiving
  15. Move from procrastination to progress
  16. Move from evil hesitation to obedience
  17. Move from being full of pride to being full of God
  18. Move from keeping to giving
  19. Move from foolishness to wisdom
  20. Move from envying others to helping others
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