30 Prophetic Arrows from Heaven

In this era of increased spiritual hostilities, you need uncommon weapons of victory. The arrows of God’s deliverance are one mysterious weapon taht will always paralyze the emissaries of darkness and make evil diviners mad. Thirty Prophetic Arrows from Heaven is a systematic prophetic guide which can be used on daily basis to frustrate the agenda of wicked powers militating against your destiny. Each prophetic arrow has been divinely programmed to deal with specific problems.  You have in your hands an array of prophetic arrows that are spiritually empowered to make eaters of flesh and drinkers of blood to go into a mission of self destruction. These prophetic arrows will provoke fresh testimonies.

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Title: 30 Prophetic Arrows from Heaven


DAY 1: Your setback will be your comme back

DAY 2: The power behing your problem will be buried alive

DAY 3: You will move from adversity to advancement

DAY 4: You will move from mistakes to miracles

DAY 5: The bigger your tests and trials the bigger your testimonies

DAY 6: You may loose battles but you will win the war

DAY 7: It will never be too late for you to become what you want to become

DAY 8: The world has not heard the last about you: The best is yet to come

DAY 9: Though your beginning is small, your latter end shall greatly increase

DAY 10: You are Gos’s project

DAY 11: Your Celebration is coming

DAY 12: You will become stronger than all your adversaries

DAY 13: The stones enemies throw at you will become stepping stones to your breakthroughs

DAY 14: You will sing your songs and dance your dance

DAY 15: Your destiny shall shine with colours and grace

DAY 16: The best effort of your stubborn enemies shall be their painful failure

DAY 17: All your past disappointments hall be converted to divine appointments

DAY 18: There shall be divine revolution in your life

DAY 19: Heaven will bring down policement to arrest your limitations

DAY 20: The cloud of darkness around you shall scatter into desolation

DAY 21: God’s thunder shall frighten your enemies to surrender

DAY 22: Those powers assigned to injure your reputation shall die sudenly

DAY 23: You shall have sweatless victory

DAY 24: God will fight for you and station you as a spectator

DAY 25: You shall carry a fresh perfume of favor

DAY 26: You shall receive power to rule in the midst of your enemies

  •  You will break out every limitations
  • You will have the last laugh over your of your enemies

DAY 27: You will break out of every limitation

DAY 28: You will have the last laugh over your enemies

DAY 29: Your unrepentant enemies will experience a bitter end

DAY 30: Your enemies shall die in your place you shall not die but live to declare the word of the lord “30 Prophetic Arrows from Heaven”

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