31 Secrets to A Successful Marriage

Marriage has been called the “great institution” but modern man has made it look like the “great mistake”. We live at a time when marriage the great expectation of all humanity now results in the unexpected. When you look at the statistics of marriage, in the United Kingdom for example, the statistics are grim. One in three homes is led by a single parent. We did not have such a picture when God first instituted marriage. Divorce has risen by more than sixty-eight percent since the Sixties. Every year, Seventy thousand separations take place in the United Kingdom alone the highest rate being amongst those who are living together. Eighteen thousand teenagers get pregnant every year. To complicate matters, television, radio,newspaper, magazines, in fact, all aspects of the media now affect the moral fabric of society. It belittles the institution of marriage, berates the church, exalts infidelity and promotes the “living together thing”, making a mockery of virginity. Is Successful marriage possible? Can marriage really be healthy? – The answer will be an absolute YES. Firstly based on Scripture, Secondly based on principles derived from it and thirdly because we are surrounded by cloud of witnesses of those who are making a success out of their marriage despite the grim statistics. With the thirty one secrets shared in this book, you will be challenged to build a victorious and successful marriage.

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