40 Rules For Effective Deliverance

Three categories of people miss out greatly on the immense benefits of the deliverance ministry – those who are ignorant of the deliverance ministry and its purposes, those who do not believe in deliverance, and those who do not know how to obtain genuine and complete deliverance.This book is written for all three categories so they can find help and be free. It unravels the mysteries surrounding deliverance, makes it clearer and easier to understand Practical, instructive and life-changing, Forty Rules for Effective Deliverance is one of the greatest deliverance manuals ever written. It will keep you from becoming and remaining a permanent deliverance candidate.

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Chapter 1: The meaning of deliverance

    • Deliverance in the ministry of Jesus
    • Delivrance cases
    • The meaning of deliverance
    • The battles of life
    • Swimming against the tide
    • The table of the enemy
    • Prayer points

Chapter 2: The reality of deliverance

    • Deliverance is the key
    • Fire of delivrance
    • The weapon
    • The evil flow
    • The debate
    • Faith of feelings
    • Prayer point

Chapter 3: Reasons for partial deliverance

    • Deceived candidate
    • The dilemma of surface deliverance
    • The foundation
    • Momentary respite
    • God is able
    • The platform
    • Satanic attacks
    • Prayer points

Chapter 4: Deliverance or more disturbance?

    • Lack of preparation
    • Fake christians
    • Genuine delivrance
    • The chains of sin
    • The foothold
    • Sinners in the temple
    • prayers points

Chapter 5: When demons refuse to leave

    • How to control anger
    • Platform for bondage
    • Followship with  demons
    • True freedom
    • Prayer points

Chapter 6: Reasons for demonic occupancy

    • Prayer points

Chapter 7:  Benefits of deliverance

    • Prayer points

Chapter 8: Rules of effective deliverance

    • A stubborn enemy
    • Spiritual warfare is real
    • Satanic point of contact
    • The greatest entry point
    • A great burden
    • Knotty deliverance
    • What repentance is not
    • True repentance
    • A call to repentance
    • True confession
    • Prayer points
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