70 Rules Of Spiritual Warfare

70 Rules of Spiritual Warfare is an indispensable manual. This book emits fire. It is a classic which everyone involved in spiritual warfare will treasure in these end times. The exposition of these tested and proven rules is a product of thorough research by a spiritual warfare expert who has blazed the trail as a global phenomenon in the field of deliverance and spiritual warfare. The rules will prove efficacious with application. The prayer points included will produce fantastic results. It is handy, well articulated and prophetic. This is an invaluable companion for everyone whose passion is unchallengeable victory.

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Title: 70 Rules Of Spiritual Warfare


  • The mystery of battles
    • Complex battle patterns
    • The consequences
    • This is war
    • The battle Arena
    • Nagging battles
  • When you must fight
    • Importance of warfare
  • Hidden battles
    • The battles of life
    • We wrestle
    • The military instructor
    • The rules
    • Deadly distractions
    • Hidden battles
  • Why must we fight
  • Rules of spiritual warfare
    • Rule N°1: You must know the God you serve
    • Rule N° 2: You must know yorself
    • Rule N° 3: Know your enemy
    • Rule N° 4: Do not depend on human resources but heavenly resources
    • Rule N° 5: Fear God more than the enemy
    • Rule N° 6: Employ mighty accurate spiritual weapon
    • Rule N° 7: Exploit the enemy’s weaknesses
  •  Strategy for victory “70 Rules Of Spiritual Warfare”
    • Rule N° 8: You must learn how to fight and when to flee
    • Rule N° 9: Learn to cut off the enemy’s supply system
    • Rule N° 10: Any sin in your life will strengthen the enemies against you
    • Rule N° 11: Take time to examine prevailing situation well before starting
    • Rule N° 12: Search for your advantages
    • Rule N° 13: Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your enemy
    • Rule N° 14: Know your weapon
    • Rule N° 15: Your enemies will always take advantage of your  distress
  • Strategic warfare
    • Rule N° 16: Attack the strategy of the enemy
    • Rule N° 17: Carry out surprise attacks
    • Rule N° 18: The small rarelu defeats the large, the weak rarely defeats the strong
    • Rule N° 19: Knowing how to win does not mean  that you will win
  • Victory nugget
    • Rule N° 20:  Victory gose to the hardest of the meanest
    • Rule N° 21: Defensive tactics are different from offensive tactics
    • Rule N° 22: Keep your enemies confused
    • Rule N° 23: Seek adequate knowledge
    • Rule N° 24: Dot not abandon the initiative to the enemy
    • Rule N° 25: Starve you enemy
  • Praying to confuse the enemy
    • Rule N° 26: Your enemy must find you unpredictable
    • Rule N° 27: Utilise the hours of the night
    • Rule N° 28: Ensure that the prince of this world has nothings in you
    • Rule N° 29: Learn how to adapt quickly to changes in circumstances
    • Rule N° 30: Very your tactics when necessary
    • Rule N° 31: Worry will lead to blunders and strengthen the enemy
    • Rule N° 32: You must be disciplined
  • Battle tactics
    • Rule N° 33: You must know your battle field
    • Rule N° 34: Stick to ressources that strengthens you
    • Rule N° 35: Always keep yourself at a position that puts your enemy at a disadvantage
    • Rule N° 36: You must learn to assess the strength of your enemy
    • Rule N° 37: Understand the strategy of retreat from bad
  • Recipe for all round victory
    • Rule N° 38: Quench your internal battles
    • Rule N° 39: Fight courageously and desperately
    • Rule N° 40: When the battle is hard keep pressing on
    • Rule N° 41: Always move rapidly and miss no opportunity
    • Rule N° 42: Attack the enemy’s cooperation and communication
  • Offensive warfare
    • Rule N° 43: Keep your warfare strategies and plans secret
    • Rule N° 44: Always attack by fire
    • Rule N° 45: Exploit every opportunity that arises
    • Rule N° 46: Establish a powerful secret intelligence system
  • Principle of successful warfare
    • Rule N° 47: Good information is essential for success
    • Rule N° 48: Learn how to carry-out circular attacks
    • Rule N° 49: Fight step by step and precept upon precept
    • Rule N° 50: Do not compain or compare and contrast but focus on the battle
    • Rule N° 51: Ensure adequate wors level
  • Complete victory in spiritual warfare
    • Rule N° 52: Put on the whole love of God
    • Rule N° 53: Always follow the principle of operation P-U-S-H
    • Rule N° 54: Always get a word  from the lord
    • Rule N° 55: A Disarmed soldier represents a weak and usually defeated nation
    • Rule N° 56: You must direct angels into your battle by issuig decrees
    • Rule N° 57: Be sure of your salvation
    • Rule N° 58: Be filled with the Holy Spirit
    • Rule N° 59: Ensure that you are not in possession of any material from the enemy
  • Secrets of resounding victory 
    • Rule N° 60: You have the power to cause the enemies to destroy themselves
    • Rule N° 61: Be confident that you have a great captain who has never lost a battle
    • Rule N° 62: Your level of commitment to the things of God determines your success
    • Rule N° 63: The fruits of the Spirit in your life makes you untouchable
    • Rule N° 64: A fearful heart is already a casualty
    • Rule N° 65: You must make up your mind
    • Rule N° 66: You confidence must be in the Lord alone
  • Anointing for victory
    • Rule N° 67: Proceed under the anointing
    • Rule N° 68: Show no mercy to unrepentant enemies
    • Rule N° 69: You must not surrender nor retire
    • Rule N° 70: Connect yourself to the Resurrection power
  • Total victory
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