Always There

Reflections for Monts on God’s Presence

Motherhood is a journey like no other, filled with joy, challenges, and moments that can make a mom feel alone. But deep down, every mom knows that there is no such thing as being truly “alone.” However, there are times when she may feel lonely, overwhelmed, or even abandoned.

In those moments, “Always There” comes as a beacon of hope. This heartfelt devotional, written by moms for moms, brings assurance to readers that God’s abiding presence remains constant, regardless of the circumstances they face.

From the first smile of their precious child to the everyday feedings and even the middle-of-the-night wake-up calls, God is there, every step of the way. Through the pages of this devotional, moms will find solace and strength, knowing that they are never alone in their journey of motherhood.

“Always There” offers a collection of short, poignant devotions that speak directly to a mom’s heart. From lighthearted and humorous moments to more profound and reflective insights, each devotion captures the essence of motherhood and reminds moms of their ever-present and unwavering God.

Immerse yourself in the wisdom and encouragement of “Always There.” Allow these beautifully crafted devotionals to bring comfort, inspiration, and a renewed sense of purpose to your motherhood journey.

Let the words within these pages remind you that God’s love and support are always within reach, offering guidance, strength, and peace in every season of motherhood.

Order your copy of “Always There” today and embrace the divine presence that accompanies you on your extraordinary adventure as a mother. You are never alone, for God is always there.


Susan Besze Wallace

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From the Back Cover

God is with you . . .

. . . in the excitement of first steps, first words, and the first day of school
. . . when you are frustrated, overwhelmed, or alone
. . . in the middle of the night and the middle of the unpleasant
. . . in your most important relationships

God is there in every busy, exhausting, and exhilarating moment of being a mom.

It’s one thing to know in your mind that God is everywhere. It’s quite another to feel in your soul that he is by your side, holding you up, sustaining you. In Always There, you’ll find an inspiring combination of real-life mothering stories and Scriptures that assures you of God’s abiding presence, written by popular voices such as

Ann Voskamp
Alexandra Kuykendall
Kathi Lipp
Tracey Bianchi
Kim Hill
Renee Swope
and many more

No matter where you are in your mothering journey, Always There offers you hope and encouragement along the way. From the humorous to the solemn, these fifty-two short devotions will capture your heart as you reflect upon your important role as a mother and upon your ever-present and steadfast source of strength.

Susan Besze Wallace is a magazine writer, the author of The New Mom’s Guide to Life with Baby, and a columnist for MomSense. She spent twelve years as a nationwide newspaper reporter before the daily deadlines of mothering three boys became her passion. She lives in northern Virginia.

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