Anointing For Breakthrough

By (author)David O. Oyedepo

This book will change you! It has a dynamic supernatural force behing it. I will teach you how to use tested spiritual principles to combat failure, poverty and lack. It will open you up to a brand new world of achievement, fulfilment and abundance. It will translate you into the glorious realm of sweatless triumph. Dr. David Oyedepo, with the skill of a master, makes the subject of anoiting appealing to all who desire a breakthrough in every dimensio of life. If you’re tired of struggling and desire a change, this book will do juste that!


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Chapter 1: The holy spirit his personality

Chapter 2: The holy spirit: His significance and ministry

Chapter 3: Understanding the anointing

Chapter 4: The journey into tne anointing

Chapter 5: Whoqualifies for the anointing?

Chapter 6: Anointing for battle

Chapter 7: Anointing for conquest

Chapter 8: Anointing for wealth

Chapter 9: How to release the anointing for wealth

Chapter 10: Anointing for Enthhronement

Chapter 11: Stirring up the anointing

Chapter 12: Anointing for restoration

Chapter 13: The anointing oil

Chapter 14: Transference of anointing

Chapter 15: Encounters with the anointing

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