Audio Book: Breaking Financial Harship

By (author)David O. Oyedepo

Financial hardship is a common feature of life that many identify with in families, homes, business establishements, students and other areas of life.

In this audio book from Dr. David Oyedepo, you will understand that through financial hardship is real, God has concluded all plans to exempt who obey, serve him and fear his name.

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Chapter 1: God’s prophetic agenda

Chapter 2: The covenant

Chapter 3: The “carpenters”

Chapter 4: Your access to financial prosperity

Chapter 5: Operational Guildelines

Chapter 6: Covenant understanding of money

Chapter 7: The little foxes

Chapter 8: Some missing links

Chapter 9: Behold the wisdome of heaven!

Chapter 10: Captivity turning testimonies

Enter the ark

Emmanuel Menie

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