Audio Book: The Twelve Pillars – Success

By (author)David O. Oyedepo


In this “Success Series” Dr David Oyedepo defines success as the satisfactory realization of a given goal or set objectives. Success is not a destination, but a lifelong adventure.

He said “True and lasting success is rooted in the word of God, nd revelation from the wprd is what guarantees such success. This is because every true revelation from God’s word ignites faith in us for accomplishment”.

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Title: Audio Book: The Twelve Pillars – Success

The Journey to Lasting Success

Embark on a transformative journey with Dr. David Oyedepo in the illuminating “Success Series,” where success is redefined as the satisfying realization of set goals and objectives. Unlike a mere destination, success is portrayed as an ongoing adventure, a continuous exploration of one’s potential and purpose.

Dr. Oyedepo asserts that the bedrock of true and enduring success is firmly embedded in the Word of God. He emphasizes that revelation derived from the Word is the catalyst that propels individuals toward such success. The wisdom distilled from this series reflects the profound truth that every authentic revelation gleaned from God’s Word ignites the flame of faith within, fostering the confidence needed for meaningful accomplishment.

Throughout the series, Dr. Oyedepo unpacks the multifaceted layers of success, unraveling its intricacies and unveiling the principles that underpin a successful life. It becomes evident that success is not a one-size-fits-all concept but a personalized, dynamic journey unique to each individual.

As the narrative unfolds, the listener is guided through the essence of aligning personal aspirations with divine guidance, showcasing how the synergy between human effort and divine wisdom propels one toward a fulfilling and successful life. Dr. Oyedepo’s teachings emphasize the transformative power of cultivating a mindset rooted in the principles of faith, resilience, and unwavering commitment.

This series serves as a compass, directing individuals toward the path of enduring success—a journey that extends beyond material accomplishments to encompass spiritual, emotional, and relational fulfillment. Join Dr. David Oyedepo on this profound exploration, where success is not just an end goal but an evolving and rewarding odyssey of self-discovery and accomplishment; Audio Book: The Twelve Pillars – Success.

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