Bible Faith Study Course

By (author)Kenneth E. Hagin

Unlock the power of faith and receive God’s blessings like never before! With this transformative 24-session study by Hagin, you’ll gain deep insights into the necessity, workings, and power of faith to help you walk in victory in every area of your life.

Discover how to trust with your heart, distinguish between the seven positive steps to belief and the six obstacles that hold you back, and learn practical tools for applying the power of faith to your daily life. With study questions included, this study is perfect for individual or group use.

As you delve into the teachings of this powerful study, you’ll learn how to overcome doubt and unbelief, increase your faith, and experience the fullness of God’s blessings in your life. Whether you’re facing challenges in your health, finances, relationships, or any other area, faith is the key to unlocking God’s abundance and living a life of victory.

Don’t wait any longer to experience the power of faith in your life. Order your copy of this life-changing study today and start walking in the realms of victory that God has promised you!

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What is the key to receiving God’s blessings? Faith! In this rich 24-session study, Hagin explores the necessity, workings, and power of faith to help you walk in the realms of victory. Find out how to trust with the heart, distinguish between seven positive steps and six obstacles to belief, and more. Includes study questions.


“I used to feel my heartbeat which I subconsciously hit to feel it. When I realized what I was doing, I slapped my hand and said, ‘Don’t do it. Don’t. Immediately, I said, Mr. Devil, I didn’t say anything about how I looked or how I felt. I said I believe I’m healed. I believe I am. I believe I have received the answer to my prayer. And if you say I really don’t believe it, you’re lying. On top of that, you are aliar anyway, because Jesus said you were (John 8:44). whatever you desire, when you pray, believe that you receive it, and you shall have it” (Mark 11:24). But Jesus said so, and what he says is so; I believe that. If I believe it, then I will have it. I believe Him now. So I said, If you want to argue and bother about it, you’re going to argue with Jesus. I didn’t say it anyway. He said it. “It put an end to the devil speaking to me of his doubt and disbelief. I went back to praising God, thanking him for the answer – thanking him for my healing. inside of me, in my mind, I heard these words: “Now you believe that you are healed. But healed people – well, people – don’t care about being in bed at this time of day. They must be standing.” I said, “That’s right! Yes, Lord, it is. I will get up. Glory to God, I’m going to get up. “You see, now I was in faith. I was believing and taking God at His Word. To believe by faith is to have by faith what you have asked of God. To believe is to take a step faith. And to be in the faith, you have to take steps of faith because faith requires corresponding action. In my case, I had been bedridden and needed to get out of bed. That was the corresponding action that I had to take to act in faith. I didn’t look better. I didn’t feel better. And I had no feeling from my waist down. If I had followed the feelings, I should have said I wasn’t healed because I was still partially paralyzed. But I knew I had been healed, no matter how I felt. I sat up in my bed. Then, with my hands I pushed my limbs and feet out of the bed, and twisted my body around so that I was sitting on the edge of the bed. My feet fell to the floor like two mo wooden hoops. I knew my feet were there on the ground. I couldn’t smell them, but I knew they were there because I could see them. The devil was trying to fight me every inch of the way. Negative thoughts came to mind, as fast as a machine gun fires bullets. The devil said, “You can’t walk, and you know you can’t. You’re not healed, and you know you aren’t. You lie about it, and you’ll fall here on the floor, and you’ll have to lie there. You know, it’s not been thirty days since you last fell out of bed, and you had to lie there for forty-five minutes until your older brother came in. , pick you up and put you back in bed. Your grandmother is old, and your mother is sickly. They can’t lift you. am now. So the devil said, “None of the men in the neighborhood are home, and your older brother has gone back to Oklahoma. You’ll just have to lay on the floor until 5:00 this afternoon, until your grandpa gets home from work, then he’ll have to put you back to bed.” But you know the best way in the world to put the devil in his place is to ignore him completely. The Bible says, “Give no room to the devil” (Ephesians 4:27). I ignored him and just acted like he didn’t say anything. I grabbed the bedpost, but my knees weren’t working. My limbs weren’t working, so with my arms around that bedpost, I just hung there with my knees sagging. As best I could, I raised my hand a little and said, “Thank God I’m healed. I wanted to declare in the presence of Almighty God and the Lord Jesus Christ and the angels of heaven, and in the presence of the devil and evil spirits, that the Word of God is true. I believe that I am healed. I believe it!” I had been lying on my back for sixteen months. The floor seemed to be where the ceiling had been minutes before, and I could see the dresser move as this room seemed to spin again and again. Everything was just spinning. I just closed my eyes and hung on to that bedpost. Within minutes, I could tell everything had stopped spinning. I opened my eyes and everything was in place. “Thank God, according to

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