Biblical Principles of Dream Interpretation

Throughout the scriptures, we have discovered some outstanding characters who remain symbols of excellence till date. The characters attained great feats and broke new ground after experiencing a life changing encounter with God. The author, with the pen of a ready-writer skilfully draws powerful principles from their experiences. These principles are laid bare for the modern day Christian to apply in their personal walk with God. This book will help you experience the divine presence which will move your life forward. You would receive spiritual vision. The way of divine encounter will take you to a realm where demons will see you and tremble and evil powers will be frightened stiff when they discover the transforming power of an encounter with God. The book will flag off a new passion for God in your life.

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  • Importance of dreams
  • What is a dream ?
  • Factors that can influence
  • Your dreams
  • Dream erasers
  • The principles for interpreting
  • Dreams
  • Symbols
  • The mystery of dream pollution
  • Dreams and curses
  • Prayer points
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Emmanuel Menie

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