Born to Win

By (author)David O. Oyedepo

In our world, many aspire, but very negligibly few ever attain. Christianity does not promise a war free ride through the race of life is warfare, not funfair. The challenges you conted with every day either make or break you; you either overcome or you are overcome.

Though problems come unendingly, they are not to edge you out of the race; they are your aides de camp to your victorious ending. your weapon lies in embracing this truth that: you are born to win! Shake the dust off your once blooming dreams and brace up for the fight anew. You are created for the top, therefore, take your place!


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Section one: Foundation For Victory

Chapter 1: There is War!

Chapter 2: The Drama at Calvary

Chapter 3: Your New Status

Chapter 4: The Fight Of Faith

Chapter 5: A Born winner

Chapter 6: Getting Set For Your Victory


Section Two: Steps To Victory

Chapter 7: Get hold of The Word

Chapter 8: Release Your faith

Chapter 9: Present Your Case

Chapter 10: Address the Situation

Chapter 11: Declare Your Victory

Chapter 12: Demonstrate Your Victory

Chapter 13: Refuse To quit

Final Word: Acknowledge the Recept

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