Breaking the power of Evil

By (author)Rick Joyner

Winning the Battle for the Soul of Man

Unlock the secrets to a victorious life with “Breaking the Power of Evil” – a groundbreaking book rooted in the wisdom of the Bible.

The gates of hell serve as the access points through which evil seeks to infiltrate our world. Conversely, the doors of Heaven act as conduits for divine grace and truth to flow into our lives. In this captivating masterpiece, renowned author Rick Joyner, acclaimed for his best-selling book “Final Quest,” fearlessly exposes the insidious cruelty of evil in all its forms, from jealousy and fear to the spirit of poverty, spiritual authority, and religious spirits.

“Breaking the Power of Evil” equips the Church with the essential tools to erect a spiritual barrier that thwarts evil’s attempts to penetrate our lives. Moreover, it unveils the path to unlocking the door into the heavenly realm, where God’s transformative power awaits. Joyner asserts that the battle we face is one fought for territory, a relentless struggle for the human heart. It is within the depths of our hearts that evil must be confronted and broken.

With prophetic precision, Joyner illuminates the path to victory, guiding readers on a transformative journey. His words act as a beacon of hope, casting a prophetic light that dispels darkness and illuminates the very depths of our souls. As you delve into the profound teachings within these pages, you will gain invaluable insight into the strategies employed by the forces of evil and discover the divine weapons at your disposal.

“Breaking the Power of Evil” is more than a book – it is a guide to a life free from the clutches of darkness. It offers practical wisdom and spiritual discernment that will empower you to overcome the influences of evil and live a life of purpose and victory. Embrace the divine call to break the chains of darkness and step into a realm where God’s truth reigns supreme.

Don’t let evil hold you captive any longer. Order your copy of “Breaking the Power of Evil” today and embark on a life-transforming journey. Your destiny awaits as you tap into the supernatural power to overcome evil and embrace the abundant life that God has ordained for you.

Rick Joyner

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