Building A Glorious Family

By (author)David IBIYEOMIE

Unlock the Secrets to Building A Glorious Family – The Book That Will Transform Your Life!

Are you ready to experience the abundant blessings of a thriving family? Look no further! “Building A Glorious Family” is here to guide you every step of the way, based on the timeless wisdom found in the Holy Scriptures.

This remarkable book reminds us that those who follow God’s prescription for marriage truly enjoy life’s greatest treasures. From courtship to marriage, it’s crucial to lay a strong foundation rooted in God’s word. With “Building A Glorious Family,” you’ll discover the key principles to create a blissful and fulfilling relationship that honors God.

Family, as a divine gift, should be nurtured daily through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The author beautifully portrays the journey of building a glorious family as an apprenticeship, learning from both the Holy Spirit and those who have successfully built their own families upon godly principles. Their invaluable experiences will inspire and equip you to build a legacy of love, faith, and unity.

No matter the challenges you may face in your marriage or family life, rest assured that the Word of God holds the answers you seek. “Building A Glorious Family” empowers you to seek knowledge and wisdom from the divine source. It illuminates how every marital problem finds its resolution in the pages of Scripture. Embrace the transformative power of biblical principles and witness the positive impact they will have on your family dynamics.

Don’t let ignorance be the cause of hardships in your family. Instead, equip yourself with the insights and guidance offered in this life-changing book. Discover the secrets to overcome obstacles, enhance communication, foster love and respect, and build a strong spiritual foundation that will withstand the tests of time.

Are you ready to embark on a journey towards a glorious family life? The opportunity to transform your family is within your grasp. Order your copy of “Building A Glorious Family” today and unlock the divine wisdom that will revolutionize your relationships. It’s time to build a family that radiates God’s love and brings joy and fulfillment to every member. Take the first step towards a glorious family today!



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Chapter one: Empowerment for success

Chapter two: Enchantment consciousness

Chapter three: The blessing connector

Chapter four: Harmony in the family

Chapter five: The place of love

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