By my Spirit

Delve into the profound levels of God’s power and how they manifest in our lives. Explore the highest dimension, which is derived from intimacy with God, where His power is ignited through a close relationship. Learn about the second dimension, where the access to God’s principles opens doors to His power, regardless of personal relationship or acknowledgement. Delve into the third dimension, which involves aligning with God’s covenant to unlock His hidden possibilities in individuals, institutions, and specific locations.

Unveil the significance of Jacob’s encounter in a specific place, where heavenly realms were accessible through divine alignment. Witness Elijah’s transitions from one location to another, tapping into God’s anointing and presence. Explore Jesus’ supernatural manifestation in a particular place, showcasing the power hidden in men. Understand how covenant alignment grants access to God’s anointing, guided by His grace and purpose.

Immerse yourself in Paul’s teachings to the Ephesian church, unveiling the revelation of mysteries kept hidden in previous ages. Gain insight into the profound knowledge of Christ made known to the apostles and prophets through the Holy Spirit.

Unlock the depths of God’s power and embark on a transformative journey of faith and revelation.

 Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak

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By my Spirit

Three levels of the dimension of God’s power
The highest of them is the power of God that is derived from intimacy but that is not the only dimension of God’s power. The highest dimension of God’s power comes as a product of intimacy
The Second dimension of power his is, he revested his principles. Now the different in the first dimension and the second dimension is that the first dimension will require a relationship. It is a by-product of a relationship but the power of God that is, the access to principle does not depend on relationship. You do not even have to acknowledge God. All it takes is understanding and the fortitude for compliance. So it is very possible that an individual can reject the person of God and yet access the power that is behind the principle. The power was designed to be released the moment there is compliance to the principles

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