Codes for blissful marriage

By (author)Mary A. Abioye

Over the centuries, the worId has developed greatly and the history of civillzation shows that technology today is far from what it used to be some years ago, in terms of Improvement. Yet, despite the advancement, development and changes ln the worId, there Is an aspect of society that remains a great concern to all, and that is the rate of falling marriages, divorce and its attendant problems. Could it be that there is a secret code for happy and successful marriage ?

ln this captivating book, Pastor Mary A. Abioye says, “There is a code of conduct for married couples and it is contained ln God’s Word.” She affirms that scriptures are codes, not everybody can read and understand them. But when you are able to decode and apply them to your marriage, you are sure to have positive change.

To help you prepare for the exams in marriage and understand the secret code that makes it work, you need to understand

“Maniage Is not a trap, it is for better Iife and you can make the best of it if you know the secret code !”

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1. Marriage Is An Institution
2. Intimacy With The Father
3. Good Understanding
4. Communication
5. Total Commitment
6. Planning
7. Home Management
8. Rebuild Broken Marriages
9. A Word For expectant Mothers

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