Conquering controlling powers

By (author)David O. Oyedepo

Have you been struggling with habits and negative manifestations that speak of nothing but the destructive influences of demonic and satanic force beyond your human control? There is sure hope for you now! This book by Dr. David Oyedepo provides the cheapest, do-it-yourself answer to the issue for freedom from satanic oppressions and demonic influences! It’s simply wonderful “Controlling spirits are real” These forces influence people to do things that are against the Lord, so that they can fall under God’s judgement. “We’re here to expose them and deal with them…”, Says Dr. David Oyedepo. Wthat a joy, to know that you can settle down on your own, with the truths revealed in this timely book, to stop that demon that has been threatening and mocking your great destiny in God! Get set for a total and lasting liberty!


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Title: Conquering controlling powers



1. The Law Of Sin And Death
2. Controlling Spirits
3. Break That Control!
4. The Law Of The Spirit
5. Praying ln The Holy Ghost
6. Cry, “Abba Father!”
7. You’ve Got The Key!

“Have you found yourself entangled in destructive habits and negative manifestations that seem to be influenced by unseen forces beyond your human control? There is hope, and a practical solution awaits you in Dr. David Oyedepo’s empowering book, providing a DIY approach to gaining freedom from satanic oppressions and demonic influences. It’s a profound revelation that “Controlling spirits are real,” exerting their influence to lead individuals astray from the divine path and into God’s judgment.

Dr. David Oyedepo boldly declares, “We’re here to expose them and deal with them,” promising a journey of discovery and deliverance. This book equips you with the necessary insights to confront and overcome these malevolent forces that threaten your God-given destiny. The joyous revelation is that you can take charge independently, armed with the transformative truths unveiled in this timely book.

Prepare yourself for a comprehensive guide to achieving total and lasting liberty. Through the teachings of Dr. Oyedepo, you’ll gain the tools to disrupt the influence of demons that have been hindering and mocking your great destiny in God. Don’t miss the opportunity to break free and experience the empowerment that comes with understanding and defeating these spiritual adversaries. Get ready for a life-changing journey towards lasting freedom!” (Conquering controlling powers)

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