Daily Manna : A Daily Devotional Guide Kumuyi 2023

By (author)W. F.  KUMUYI
A Divine Journey of Insight and Transformation

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Unlock the riches of God’s Word with Daily Manna, an extraordinary compilation designed to bring you closer to God each day. This powerful devotional guide extracts the essence of divine wisdom, offering insightful exposition and compelling analysis that will ignite your spiritual journey.

Every day, you will discover a manageable text specially chosen for reading and meditation. Immerse yourself in the detailed examination of the selected passages, enriched by biblical and contemporary illustrations. Witness as these timeless teachings seamlessly integrate with real-life situations, providing you with divine instruction, exhortation, counsel, warning, encouragement, and support.

But that’s not all. Daily Manna aims to leave an indelible mark on your heart and soul. As you delve deeper into the lessons, you’ll encounter a thought-provoking reflection—a profound finale that resonates within you, ensuring lasting appeal, retention, internalization, and impact.

Are you yearning for spiritual nourishment? Are you truly committed to seeking God and walking closely with Him? Daily Manna has been meticulously crafted for individuals like you. This compendium of devotional readings holds treasures and depths of God’s riches and grace. With wholehearted reception and obedient application, these gems possess the transformative power to transcend the boundaries of the carnal realm.

Experience a divine journey like no other. Let Daily Manna guide you toward a deeper connection with God, enriching your life with profound meaning, and propelling you toward a life of purpose and fulfillment. Embark on this transformative quest today and witness the miracles that unfold as you align your heart with the eternal wisdom of God’s Word.

Daily Manna – Your pathway to spiritual growth, nourishment, and transcendence.


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Extract of “Daily Manna : A Daily Devotional Guide Kumuyi 2023”


Life is multi-layered, the complexity of which the finite mind of humans hardly comprehends. It is for this purpose that God, in His infinite mercies gave His Word to man to guide him. Through it, the fallen man can essentially retrace his steps to God. The believer also, can a maintain a closer, holier relationship with Him. The Word was also given to to provide navigate this complex life man with the necessary wherewithal to successfully. This book of daily devotional readings – Daily Manna-is committed to serv to serving the ardent, hungry and thirsty individual with appropriate relevant spiritual diet, such that his or her mind, spirit and body are daily inspired to get hooked unto God for the supply of all needs. Clearly, every carnal supply will one day be exhausted. But God’s inalienable riches and grace, flowing from His word, are simply inexhaustible. They have been from old and for ever they shall be.

The fact needs be stressed that the manifold blessings accruing from God’s word are sometimes concealed, requiring an openness of mind, combined with an obedient and determined disposition to fully appropriate. This is the process that Daily Manna seeks to simplify so that the earnest and consistent enquirer will understand God’s will and purpose for his or her life and come to terms with same. This annual edition is being r produced so that Daily Manna can become a collector’s item each year.

Daily Manna is clearly an extraction of God’s word. On a daily basis, it draws who are sincerely seeking God, closer to Him. It does that through insightful exposition and analysis of God’s verses of Scripture are chosen as text for word. Firstly, each day’s reading and meditation. Secondly, the chosen text is examined in detail using biblical and contemporary illustrations. Thirdly, the lesson is applied to a real life situation, to enable the reader receive divine instruction, admonition, counsel, warning, encouragement and support. Finally, a thought is provided for each day: it makes the passage under consideration to linger on in our hearts for a lasting appeal.

In addition to the devotional readings, we have included a Bible reading programme to enable believers read through the whole Bible in one year. Wishing you God’s best throughout the year!


Daily Manna : A Daily Devotional Guide Kumuyi 2023

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