Dancers at the Gate of Death

Dancers At The Gate Of Death is a ground breaking book. It is fresh and hot from the throne of God. It is a timely message for this generation. The uniqueness of this book is that it contains the mind of God Almighty on practical issues of life. It is released by the Holy Ghost to salvage our generation from a deadly epidemic that is ravaging every cadre of people in the society. From the prophetic pen of Christendom’s celebrated author, Dr D.K. Olukoya, comes a book that is down to earth, practical, dynamic and thought provoking. The author has made bold statements where many preachers and authors are silent. The approach is uncommon, the style is challenging and the handling of the topic is so compelling that the book will surely spark up a revolution that will affect this generation for good. Well illustrated, powerfully presented and released at a time when God’s people are eager to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying today. Dancers at the Gate of Death will surely impact millions of lives globally.

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  • Dangers at the gate of death
  • The tragedy of captured destinies
  • Captured souls
  • The  peril of
  • The analysis of captivity
  • The symptoms
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