Dreamland is as important as the physical world. In this book, we address the subject of “destructive dreams”.

We will begin with a few scriptures. The first is the popular Matthew 13:25 which says, “But while men slept, the enemy sowed tares among the wheat and went away. Why did the enemy choose the hour of sleep? Because that is when people are least alert and at that time, which is usually night, a lot of bad activity takes place.

The devil made a bad planting and went away. The things we are struggling with today are things that the devil planted many years ago and went away. You notice he didn’t wait to water what he planted. He is an evil sower who plants his seed and immediately the condition of the victim’s life is appropriate for the seed to grow.

Another passage of Scripture is Job 33:13-18: “Wilt thou then contend with him, because he giveth not account? Yet God speaks sometimes in one way, sometimes in another, and no one pays attention (for a man cannot pay attention when God is spoken to once or twice, what does he do). He speaks in dreams, in night visions, when men are in deep sleep, when they are asleep on their beds. He then gives them warnings and seals his instructions. To turn man away from evil, and preserve him from pride. To keep his soul from the pit and his life from the sword. These things can happen in a dream. Your ears may be open to divine instructions. There may be a decision you want to make and God may say to you, “Don’t make that decision” to keep your soul from perishing in the pit. You may also see the terror of ignorance. One brother had a dream that someone was giving him a shot. When he woke up and felt a little pain in his feet, he just rubbed it with his hands and left. After a few weeks, he became very sick, and after tests, he was told he had HIV. With a little more knowledge, he would have been fine…

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