Divine Help

Divine help is real !

In a hypothetical scenario where you are traveling by ship and find yourself in the middle of the sea, facing a potential capsizing with no one to help, what would you do? Picture yourself surrounded by storms, waves, sharks, and crocodiles, with no assistance in sight. It is in such dire situations that you need the ultimate help, which can only come from the Alpha and Omega, God.

Similarly, when your financial situation requires urgent attention, and earthly institutions such as banks, Moneygram, and Western Union are closed on a Sunday morning, you may feel helpless. But, in reality, you need the Trinity Union, not Western Union or Moneygram.

This situation was encountered by the author, who had started a nursery and primary school in Dakar, Senegal, relying solely on faith. After paying the rent for the building for three months, they found out that it was due again, and there was no bank open on a Sunday to help. However, the author prayed to God for help, and within minutes, they received a call from someone who had received an international job, and as a vow to God, returned to pay $1000. This divine help proved to the author and their leaders that supernatural accomplishment was possible, and they declared it as the year of supernatural accomplishment in their ministry.

Divine help is real and can come to you when you need it the most. Therefore, even if you feel helpless and alone, remember that the Lord will hear you in your time of trouble and will send you help from the sanctuary to strengthen you. If you are in desperate need of help, know that you are qualified to receive it.


Victor Charles OKAFOR

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Table of contents


Chapter 1: What is Divine help?

Chapter 2: Why do you need help?

Chapter 3: Who are those that need help?

Chapter 4: How to receive or attract help from God?

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