Don’t Let The Devil Destroy Your Purpose

By (author)Roberts Liardon

Are you tired of living a life without direction or adventure? Do you often find yourself wondering when your dreams will become a reality? It’s time to discover your purpose and stop the devil from robbing you of your destiny.

In “Don’t Let The Devil Destroy Your Purpose,” bestselling author Roberts Liardon unveils the secrets to unlocking your true purpose and living a life of fulfillment. Drawing wisdom from the Bible, Liardon reveals that purpose is not just a mere concept but a transformative force that takes you from the mundane to the extraordinary.

This life-changing book will guide you through the journey of purpose, showing you how to:

  • Discover your purpose: Uncover the unique calling that God has placed on your life.
  • Pursue your purpose: Take intentional steps towards fulfilling your divine destiny.
  • Protect your purpose: Safeguard your purpose against the attacks and schemes of the devil.
  • Perfect your purpose: Continuously grow and develop in your purpose, becoming a true champion for God’s kingdom.

Roberts Liardon, renowned for his powerful preaching and global ministry, shares his profound insights and experiences, acquired from preaching in 93 nations. He understands the battles and obstacles that can hinder your purpose, and he equips you with the tools and strategies to overcome them.

Don’t allow the devil to derail your purpose and keep you from making a significant impact in the world. It’s time to rise up, declare war on the enemy, and fulfill your God-given destiny. Take charge of your future and become a general in God’s army!

Say goodbye to a life of uncertainty and mediocrity. Embrace the power of your purpose and unleash your potential. With “Don’t Let The Devil Destroy Your Purpose,” you will be empowered to walk in victory, fulfill your calling, and experience a life of purpose and significance.

Order your copy today and embark on a journey that will transform your life. Your purpose is waiting for you—don’t let the devil steal it away!


Roberts Liardon

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1 Discovering Your Purpose
2 Pursuing Your Purpose
3 Protecting Your Purpose
4 Perfecting Your Purpose

Discovering Your Purpose

If I sat down with you right now and asked you what your goal is in life, would you be able to tell me? And If you have a goal, is it on it’s way to being fulfilled? Everybody needs to discover their purpose in life and
fulfill it. There’s joy that comes when you find your purpose and begin to pursue it.
I was eight years old when Jesus called me to preach. I was caught up into Heaven for a few hours and I saw the golden street with the golden curbs, and the flowers alongside that hummed because of the surge of new life that kept flowing through them. I was in a praise service and I was in the river of life, I saw some things. At the end of my visitation to Heaven, Christ called me to preach the gospel. He didn’t call me just to stay in my hometown, Tulsa. He said, “I want you to preach while you’re yet young. I want you to start preaching while you’re a teenager.”
I said, “Lord, a teenager?”
“That’s what I said, a teenager.”
Then He said, “I want to promote you, but I can’t do it unless you do a few things. If you don’t learn to worship Me, and pray in tongues fervently and fight devils, then I can’t promote you.”
As soon as I came back to earth, there began a war for the purpose of my life. As soon as you recognize what you’re here for, the devil will try to steal it from you. He’ll tell you that you’re supposed to be a nice, quiet Christian. Or, he’ll tell you that you’re supposed to pastor a dysfunctional church that is controlled by weirdos! The devil wants to control you. If he can’t control you, then he’ll try to kill you. I don’t like being controlled, I like to flow.
Some people don’t know how to take charge of things. That’s why their purpose never comes to pass.
Dealing With Doubting Relatives When I was growing up, there was a poverty devil that liked our
family. It came from grandma and grandpa, down to my mom and dad, and then it tried to get me. In our home, going to McDonalds was like having a steak! We lived like that for many years.
I realized early that the devil doesn’t like preachers having money so I’d say, “Devil, let go of my money! It’s mine! Poverty devil, you won’t destroy me! I know my ministry is going to need millions so I’m going to
put a stop to you right now! I’ll not wait until my ministry gets into a building project or something-I’m going to destroy you right now!” When I started praying like that, my relatives would say, “Roberts, you pray too much about money!”
“It’s because I need a lot of it!” I’d answer, “I refuse to beg from you, so I just beat the devil up, and it comes rolling in nice and easy!” That was the truth too! Money began coming to me from all over. When I bought myself a new car, some in my family had heart attacks! They began to criticize it; It was too black, it was too gold, it was too nice, it was too sporty.
“Where’s your car?” I’d respond. When they drove up in their used car and I say, “Now which one do you
like, yours or this one?” “Well, I like yours.” “Don’t criticize it, then.” Then they got mad and asked, “Why does God give you money?” “Because I ask Him for it.” “Well, I ask God for money, too.” “Yah, but you don’t tell the devil to leave you alone!”

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