Enlargement Secrets

By (author)Dag heward-mills

This promise in Job 8:7: “Though thy beginning was small, yet thy latter end should greatly increase” shows us that God has a purpose of growth and expansion for our lives. What a blessing to be let into the secrets that will lead to our enlargement! Through the many enlargement secrets unveiled by the author, Dag Heward-Mills, we learn that enlargement will come to you through pain, a series of battles, victories and by accepting God’s inheritance. We also learn that you can be enlarged as you use the enlargement secrets of meditation, history, books and wisdom. Enlargement can also come to you through sacrifices and the power of the supernatural. Delve into the secrets outlined in this book and benefit from its amazing truths.

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  1. Recognize a season of enlargement
  2. Enlargement through “This book”
  3. Enlargement through meditation
  4. Enlargement guided by recent history
  5. Enlarge by a series of battles
  6. Enlargement is born of the Spirit
  7. Enlarge through victory over King Adonizedek
  8. Enlarge through victory over King Hoham
  9. Enlarge through victory over Piram
  10. Enlarge through victory over King Japhia
  11. Enlarge through victory over King Debir
  12. Enlarge by involving everyone in the work
  13. Enlarge by having a prosper respect for curses
  14. Enlarge with equal amounts of spirituality and wisdom
  15. Enlarge by eliminating covetousness
  16. Enlarge without being presumptuous
  17. Enlarge to the Uttermost
  18. Enlarge by data, truths and facts
  19. Enlarge by retreating
  20. Enlarge by Divine turnarounds
  21. Enlarge your sacrifices
  22. Enlarge suddenly
  23. Enlarge with all night work
  24. Enlarge by leaving nothing undone
  25. Enlarge with faithful friends
  26. Enlargement is by the guidance of the Spirit
  27. Enlarge even though your friends are targeted
  28. Enlarge by the Supernatural
  29. Enlarge by overcoming distraction
  30. Enlargement by judgment
  31. Enlarge by becoming an authority figure
  32. Enlarge without stealing
  33. Enlarge by teaching and demonstrating
  34. Enlarge against hard hearts
  35. Enlarge into the war mode
  36. Enlargement through pain
  37. Enlarge your interaction with Angels
  38. Enlarge by switching from the supernatural to the natural
  39. Enlargement will last a long time
  40. Enlargement in the midst of your years
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