By (author)David O. Oyedepo

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This book is a compilation of all Dr David Oyedepo’s books on FAITH in one volume. The purpose is to preserve his works for future referencing and make them spiritual treasure to the body of Christ, both in the now and to the generations yet unborn.

These library volumes are classified under the 12 Pillars of the commission and are spread across her 3-core mandate.

Books in this volume

  • The law of faith
  • The miracle seed
  • Satan get lost
  • Exploits of faith
  • Winning faith
  • The unlimited power of faith
  • Understanding the power of faith


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Title: FAITH


  1. The law of Trust
  2. The miracle seed
  3. Satan get lost
  4. Exploits of Trust
  5. Winning faith
  6. The unlimited power of Trust
  7. Understanding the power of Trust

“This extraordinary compilation encapsulates the collective wisdom of Dr. David Oyedepo’s extensive body of work on Trust into one invaluable volume. The primary aim is to preserve these insightful teachings for future generations, transforming them into a spiritual treasure trove for the global body of Christ.

The books contained within this comprehensive volume are strategically organized under the 12 Pillars of the commission, aligning with the three core mandates of the ministry.

Here are the enlightening titles included in this compilation:

  1. The Law of Trust
  2. The Miracle Seed
  3. Satan, Get Lost
  4. Exploits of Trust
  5. Winning Trust
  6. The Unlimited Power of Trust
  7. Understanding the Power of Trust

Each of these works delves into the intricate facets of Trust, providing profound insights and practical guidance on how to activate and cultivate faith for a victorious Christian life. Dr. Oyedepo’s teachings have consistently inspired millions worldwide, and this compilation serves as a rich resource for those seeking to deepen their understanding of faith and its transformative power.

As you embark on this faith-filled journey through the pages of this compilation, may you discover new dimensions of trust that propel you into a life of victorious exploits and unwavering trust in God’s promises. This collection is not just a library; it’s a roadmap to unlocking the boundless potential that faith holds for every believer. Dive in and let the revelation of faith reshape your spiritual walk and empower you for a life of extraordinary impact.”

Emmanuel Menie

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