Forgiveness Made Easy (3rd)

By (author)Dag heward-mills

Forgiveness can be difficult for us, as human beings! In the world, people hardly forgive. It is natural for a person not to forgive, but to seek revenge. However, when you become a new man, God expects you to forgive. Indeed, one cardinal difference between the Christian and the unbeliever is that the Christian has the ability to forgive and release the offender. A new man must be able to forgive! This book will make forgiveness easy for you to do!
Sometimes, in remembering what somebody has done to us, we forget that we have also wronged God and man From God’s point of view, a Christian who cannot forgive is rather strange. God will forgive you if you murder, lie, fornicate, commit adultery, and practise witchcraft. However, God will not forgive you if you bear someone a grudge. That is the point at which God stops forgiving you.
Do you want God to forgive you? Then forgive your brother! Do not allow unforgiveness in your heart to make you a wicked servant in the eyes of God.
Bishop Dag Heward-Mills will show you, through this blessed book, how to know whether you have truly forgiven your offenders and how to be delivered from the snare of unforgiveness.

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