God’s Ability: In you

Unlocking the Mystery of Dominion: Discover the Key to Your Breakthrough. Your dominion in life is intricately tied to your understanding of the kingdom’s mysteries. Mere desire is insufficient; you need the key to open every gate on your path to destiny and breakthrough. Experience a transformation fueled by the power of God’s Word. It goes beyond knowledge, shaping you into a living embodiment of its truth and empowering you to manifest what you believe. Let us keep our passion aflame as we seek to know Him and understand His ways. The rewards are boundless for those who diligently seek and find these life-giving truths. Dive into this book and embrace the blessings awaiting you.



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God’s Ability: In you

Your dominion in life is a summation of your comprehension of the mystery of the kingdom. I have said this again and again and I want us to please pay attention. Every gate can be opened if we have the key. Gate only open when you have the key not when you want it open. Desire is not enough to bring you to a place of destiny and breakthrough.

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