God’s Gonna Make You Laugh: Understanding God’s Timing for Your Life

By (author)Noel Jones

Everyone can relate to walking through very dark periods in life which seem will never end. Noel Jones is not speaking from a vantage point of one who has never suffered so his words of encouragement and promise carry weight and hope. Sorrow and adversity come, but they do not stay. This book conveys the message that suffering and endurance are preparations for the reward that will come to the one who holds on to and trusts in the faithfulness of God. That one will experience the laughter of triumph. Joy comes in the morning to those who endure.

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Foreword by Tavis Smiley


Chapter 1

It’s Your Time

Chapter 2

It’s All Part of the Process

Chapter 3

Where Are You Going?

Chapter 4

Many Are Called But Few Are Recruited

Chapter 5

God—Never Recognized, Always Revealed

Chapter 6

He Who Laughs Last

Chapter 7

Is There Anything Too Hard for God?

Chapter 8

The Ridiculous Blessing

Chapter 9

God Is a Covenant-Keeping God

Chapter 10

It’s Worth the Wait



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