Growing In Grace

By (author)Faith A. Oyedepo

As the global economic meltdown peaks, people continue to suffer its adverse consequences.   What does one need most at a time like this. The grace of God is what one needs to have one’s need met. God’s grace has already been made available, but for it to be effectual in your life? You must stir it up. The grace of God make the journey of life great! This book, written by pastor Mrs. Faith Oyedepo, is revealing!

·It shows you what God’s grace is all about

·It reveals what God’s grace can accomplish ln your life

·It shows you how you can stir up God’s grace you need this book, If you really want to escape
the vicissitudes of life.


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Chapter 1: What Is Grace?

Chapter 2: The Source Of Grace

Chapter 3: The Place Of Salvation

Chapter 4: Access To Grace

Chapter 5: Accomplishment Of Grace

Chapter 6:  Stir It Up!

Chapter 7: Stirring Instruments

Chapter 8:  Beware Of Pride

Chapter 9: Grace Is In Levels

Chapter 10: The Spirit Of Grace

Chapter 11: Grow In Grace

Chapter 12: Take Resposability!

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