Handling the Sword of Deliverance

Handling the Sword of Deliverance
Many believers are defeated everyday in the battles of life. Many are sexually harassed in the dream and many are being pursued by masquerades and other satanic agents in their dreams. And as a result, life has become hell on earth for them although they are Christians. They have become pawns in the hands of the enemy because they cannot handle the sword of deliverance.
This book reveals to you how you can possess and handle the sword of deliverance effectively and come out victorious in the battles of life.

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Title page

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Chapter one: Arrows of deliverance

  • Who was Elijah ?
  • The difference between Elisha and Joash
  • Prayer points

Chapter two: What is deliverance ?

  • Prayer points

Chapter three: The sword of deliverance

Chapter four: How to use the sword and what to use it against

Chapter five: Why we must not leave unclean spirits alone

  • Shadow problems

Chapter six: Qualifications needed to handle the sword of deliverance

  • Importance of new birth
  • How do we get over the problem of unsound mind ?
  • Gateways to the mind
  • how to prepare for war
  • Prayer points

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