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Are you ready to discover the messages God is sending you through your dreams? Our 5-step approach will guide you to better understand the divine language of dreams, with the assurance that each step is led by the Holy Spirit.

1. The Key Action: In every dream, the key action is crucial. Where were you? What were you doing? Were you alone or accompanied? Identify the central action and get spiritually involved.

2. The Key Emotion: The dominant emotions in the dream are a divine illumination. God amplifies our feelings to communicate. Intense emotion can reveal the urgency of the message.

3. Key Elements: Explore the details that made an impression on you: colors, numbers, objects. Each has a potential meaning, enriching the interpretation.

4. The Key Message: The action and emotion of the dream connects to your waking life. Understand what God is communicating to you and let His light illuminate your path.

5. The Key Intention: Finally, grasp the divine intention. Even though the dream may seem full of fear, remember that God is love and grace. His intention is to protect and guide you.

As you read this book, we’ll go deep with practical examples from biblical dreams and real people. It will give you access to a deeper understanding of the messages God sends you through your dreams.

Get ready to discover a new world of divine revelation and guidance through dream interpretation. Don’t let any divine message escape you. Join us to unlock the mysteries of your dreams and receive wisdom from the Almighty.”


Prophet Jeremy POTHIN

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1 – Restoring the Culture of Dreaming

2 – Being a Good Interpreter

3 – Categories of Dreams

4 – How to Interpret Dreams?

5 – Symbolism in Dream Interpretation

6 – Numbers in Dream Interpretation

7 – Colors in Dream Interpretation Conclusion

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