Initiation Of The Holy Spirit

The Dynamics of Divine Calling: Unveiling the Multi-Faceted Anointing”

When God calls someone into ministry, it’s crucial to recognize that the anointing is not the sole blessing bestowed upon them. Every ministry encompasses various spiritual attributes. As an individual responds to God’s call, they receive an anointing derived from their knowledge, personal pursuit of God, and their specific spiritual office. Furthermore, there is an anointing connected to discernment and participation in the ongoing move of God. These anointings are distinct from one another. Additionally, there is an anointing that accompanies the revelation of truth and propels individuals into new dimensions as per God’s intended direction for His people.

Moreover, depending on the calling and office, there are covenants—divine vows that God has made with individuals regarding their specific destiny assignments on earth. These covenants are independent of the person’s individuality. Furthermore, angelic manifestations and presence play a significant role. Some angels work alongside believers and are assigned to them, providing support and protection. Other angels are assigned to anointings or specific offices, not necessarily tied to an individual’s identity. They are part of the equipping of the kingdom, similar to providing someone with an office and its accompanying resources.

The presence of angels signifies divine revelation, as it is not solely dependent on the anointing. The book also explores the revelation of Jesus Christ, which was imparted to John, His servant.

Immerse yourself in this enlightening book and experience the blessings that come from understanding the intricacies of divine calling and the multifaceted nature of the anointing. Gain insights into the role of angels, the power of covenants, and the depths of revelation. Read this book and be blessed as you embark on a journey of spiritual enlightenment and divine empowerment.

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Initiation Of The Holy Spirit

When God calls a man, the anointing is not the only thing that is given, you have to understand this, every ministry has many standard spiritual features. When God calls a man, there is the anointing that is upon that man by reason of his knowledge and his personal press of God, also there is an anointing on the office that that man occupies spiritually, in addition, there is an anointing on that man by reason of discerning and being part of the current move of God, they are not the same and then there is the anointing that comes by reason of the dimension that God wants to take the people into based on the truth that is revealed and then at certain level depending on the call and the office.

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