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Introducing Ladybird Dictionary, the perfect tool for young learners aged 4-11 to discover and understand words in English. This engaging dictionary features an A-Z section, a picture dictionary, and beautiful illustrations that will captivate young minds.

Created with the help of Cambridge Young Learners wordlists and ELT experts, Ladybird Dictionary is an ideal resource to improve English vocabulary. The words are informed by the CEFR and Cambridge English: Young Learner exams wordlists, ensuring children learn relevant and useful words.

Ladybird Dictionary is also the perfect companion to Ladybird ELT Graded Readers series and Ladybird Grammar Workbooks. Together, they create a comprehensive English learning program for children aged 4+ who are learning English as a second or foreign language.

Featuring characters from beloved children’s TV shows like Peppa Pig, In the Night Garden, Ben and Holly, Topsy and Tim, and fairy-tale favorites like Cinderella and Pinocchio, Ladybird stories offer a fun and interactive way to explore the big, wide world. With Ladybird Dictionary and Ladybird stories, young learners can spark their imagination, creativity, and curiosity while improving their English language skills. Start exploring with Ladybird today!

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Ladybird Dictionary will help young learners aged 4-11 to find and understand words in English. This engaging dictionary is informed by the Cambridge Young Learners wordlists, and features an introduction on how to use the dictionary, an A-Z section, and a picture dictionary at the back, which groups words that are useful to learn together.

With beautiful illustrations, and simple definitions written by ELT experts, this dictionary helps children improve their English vocabulary. The words in the dictionary are informed by the CEFR and Cambridge English: Young Learner exams wordlists.

This dictionary can be used alongside the Ladybird ELT Graded Readers series, or the Ladybird Grammar Workbooks, for children aged 4+ learning English as a second or foreign language.

Ladybird brings together characters from well-loved children’s TV shows, including Peppa PigIn the Night GardenBen and Holly, and the lively twosome Topsy and Tim; plus a whole host of fairy-tale favorites like Cinderella and Pinocchio. Sharing a Ladybird story with your child is a great way to start exploring the big, wide world. Whether they’re discovered through snuggly bedtime favorites, buggy books that accompany adventures, or fun apps for playtime, really great stories open up whole new worlds and spark imagination, creativity, and curiosity.

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