Laws Of Kingdom Wealth: The Spiritual Dimension of Wealth

Unlock the Secrets of Kingdom Economics: Join us as we delve into the profound economic system of the Kingdom of God. Discover that the pursuit of wealth and prosperity extends beyond personal gain, as it is intricately linked to a divine program and agenda. Prosperity becomes a strategic tool for redeeming time and countering the evil days we live in. Learn how to navigate this system while safeguarding your soul from the schemes of the enemy. Understand that true prosperity transcends material possessions, as your soul’s well-being holds immeasurable value. Prepare to be enriched and blessed as you delve into the pages of this book and uncover the transformative wisdom within.


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Laws Of Kingdom Wealth: The Spiritual Dimension of Wealth

We will be discussing the economic system of the kingdom of God, and we need to understand that the battle for wealth and prosperity is not just about the desire to use money to prove a point to people around you, but that there is a program and there is an agenda that is bigger than the personal interest of men, its important to get this, that prosperity is not just about the propriety for affluence but it’s the time redemption strategy.

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