Learning Easel 3-in-1

By (author)Lian Thye

Introducing the Fun Magnetic Easel for Kids – the perfect tool for your child to learn and play at the same time! This standing easel is multifunctional and great for solo play or play dates. Your child will love the two-sided design which features a magnetic board on one side and a chalkboard on the other, giving them endless possibilities for creative fun.

Not only is this easel entertaining, it’s also educational. Our set comes with 84 magnetic pieces, including letters, numbers and math symbols. Your child will have a blast learning the alphabet, counting from 0-10, and practicing basic math skills with plus, minus, multiply, divide, and equal signs.

Plus, we’ve included 2 large chalks and an eraser so your child can practice writing and drawing on the chalkboard. The middle storage tray is perfect for holding loose pieces and keeping everything organized.

Our 3 in 1 Educational Easel is the ultimate learning tool for kids. It features a double-sided magnetic board, chalkboard, and whiteboard. Your child will love having so many options for creative play and learning.

Give your child the gift of endless hours of fun and learning with the Fun Magnetic Easel for Kids. Order now and watch as their imagination takes off!

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Fun Magnetic Easel for Kids to Learn and Play
This standing easel is multifunctional and perfect for solo play or play dates. This two-sided easel features a magnetic board on one side and a chalkboard on the other giving your child a variety of options and hours of creative fun.
This easel set comes with magnetic letters, numbers and signs.
Includes the alphabet, set of numbers from ‘0-10’, and math symbols (plus, minus, multiply, divide, equal signs).
Also comes with 2 large chalks and eraser.
The middle storage tray holds loose pieces.
3 IN 1 Educational Easel Double Side Magnetic & Chalkboard Kids 84 Pcs Kids Learning Easel With Alphabets & Numbers.
3in1 – Magnetic Board, Chalk Board & White Board Included 2 chalks


Weight 1,540 kg
Dimensions 94,5 × 44,5 × 38,0 cm

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