Limiting God

People have always questioned the power of God. The question is also posed in scriptures. “Is there anything too hard for the Lord to do” ? The scriptures has a response- “with God nothing shall be impossible”! How big is your God depends on the limitations of your mind. Read on!

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Title: Limiting God

Table of content

  • The widerness life
  • How people limit God
  • The traits of anti-miracle spirit
  • What to do
  • Prayer points
  • Books in this series

Unveiling the Infinite Power of God: Exploring the Boundless Possibilities


Throughout history, humanity has consistently grappled with the unfathomable power of God. This profound inquiry is not only a ponderance among individuals but finds its roots in the sacred scriptures. The very question echoes through the ages: “Is there anything too hard for the Lord to do?” In response, the scriptures resound with unwavering assurance – “with God, nothing shall be impossible!” The enormity of your perception of God is intricately tied to the limitations or expansiveness of your mind. Join this exploration as we delve into the boundless realms of divine possibilities.

1. Pondering the Incomprehensible: Humanity’s Quest for God’s Power

The human quest to comprehend the magnitude of God’s power has persisted through the ages. This section explores the innate curiosity that propels individuals to question the limits of the Almighty.

2. Scriptural Echoes: “Is Anything Too Hard for the Lord?”

Delving into the sacred scriptures, we encounter the pivotal question that encapsulates the essence of human inquiry: “Is anything too hard for the Lord?” This section examines the scriptural origins of this inquiry and the resounding affirmation that follows.

3. “With God, Nothing Shall Be Impossible”: The Immutable Promise

The resolute promise emanating from the scriptures is unveiled: “with God, nothing shall be impossible.” This segment delves into the depth of this divine assurance, providing a lens through which we can perceive the boundless potentialities that unfold in our spiritual journey.

4. The Mind’s Limitations: Shaping the Size of Your God

A reflective exploration into the correlation between the size of one’s God and the limitations imposed by the human mind. This section invites readers to examine the expansiveness of their perception, challenging them to break free from self-imposed constraints.

5. Beyond Human Constraints: Embracing Divine Possibilities

The narrative transcends the confines of human limitations, beckoning readers to embrace the divine possibilities that unfold when the mind stretches beyond its customary boundaries. This section serves as an invitation to explore the limitless horizons of faith.

6. Read On: An Encouragement to Uncover Divine Mysteries

The journey does not conclude here but extends an invitation to delve deeper into the mysteries that await discovery. This concluding section serves as both an encouragement and a challenge to continue the exploration of God’s infinite power.


In conclusion, the exploration of God’s power is an ongoing odyssey, inviting individuals to question, reflect, and ultimately expand the boundaries of their faith. As we navigate the scriptural echoes, affirmations of limitless possibilities, and the interplay between the mind’s limitations and the size of our God, we embark on a transformative journey. The resounding message is clear: the enormity of God’s power is intricately woven into the fabric of divine promise, awaiting our earnest exploration.


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