Little Leaders : Bold Women And Black Story

By (author)Vashti Harrison

Introducing “Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History” – the book that will inspire and educate your little ones about the incredible achievements of black women throughout history. Featuring 40 trailblazing women, this book tells the true stories of those who broke boundaries and exceeded all expectations.

From Alice Ball, the young scientist who developed the treatment for leprosy, to Josephine Baker, the famous cabaret singer who was also a spy for the French resistance, these women have made an impact on the world that will never be forgotten. With captivating text and stunning illustrations by debut author/illustrator Vashti Harrison, your little leader will be transported through time to meet these amazing women.

Nurse Mary Seacole, politician Diane Abbott, mathematician Katherine Johnson, singer Shirley Bassey, and many others are included in this must-have book. Inspire your own little leader with the stories of these incredible women who were brave, bold, and changed the world. Don’t wait, get your copy of “Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History” today and watch your little one’s imagination soar!

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I made up my mind to try. I tried and I was successful. – Bessie Coleman. Meet the little leaders. They’re brave. They’re bold. They changed the world.

Did you know the treatment for leprosy was developed by a young scientist called Alice Ball?
And Josephine Baker- world famous cabaret singer and dancer- was also a spy for the French résistance?

Featuring 40 trailblazing black women in the world’s history, this book educates and inspires as it relates true stories of women who broke boundaries and exceeded all expectations.

Debut author/illustrator Vashti Harrison pairs captivating text with stunning illustrations as she tells the stories of both iconic and lesser-known female figures of black history, including:

Nurse Mary Seacole
Politician Diane Abbott
Mathematician Katherine Johnson
Singer Shirley Bassey

Inspire your own little leader with the stories of these amazing women.

This beautifully illustrated board book edition of instant bestseller Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History showcases women who changed the world and is the perfect goodnight book to inspire big dreams.

Featuring 18 trailblazing black women in American history, Dream Big, Little One is the irresistible board book adaptation of Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History.

Among these women, you’ll find heroes, role models, and everyday women who did extraordinary things – bold women whose actions and beliefs contributed to making the world better for generations of girls and women to come. Whether they were putting pen to paper, soaring through the air or speaking up for the rights of others, the women profiled in these pages were all taking a stand against a world that didn’t always accept them.

The leaders in this book may be little, but they all did something big and amazing, inspiring generations to come.

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