Little Leaders : Visionary Women Around The World

By (author)Vashti Harrison

Introducing the highly anticipated follow-up to the instant New York Times bestseller, Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History, comes Little Dreamers: Visionary Women Around the World. This beautifully illustrated collectible features 35 inspiring women creators from around the globe, including writers, inventors, artists, scientists, and more.

Join author Vashti Harrison on a journey through the lives of trailblazing women such as Mary Blair, Hedy Lamarr, Wangari Maathai, Zaha Hadid, Maya Deren, and Chien-Shiung Wu. From changing the way color was used in animated films to inventing groundbreaking technology, these women had a lasting effect on the fields they worked in.

Full-color spreads bring each Dreamer to life, making them accessible and aspirational for readers of all ages. Little Dreamers: Visionary Women Around the World is an inspiring and educational read that will leave readers feeling motivated to pursue their own dreams and make a lasting impact on the world. Don’t miss out on this must-have addition to your collection!

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The instant New York Times bestseller!
From the author of Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History comes the highly anticipated follow-up, a beautifully illustrated collectible detailing the lives of women creators around the world.

Featuring the true stories of 35 women creators, ranging from writers to inventors, artists to scientists, Little Dreamers: Visionary Women Around the World inspires as it educates. Readers will meet trailblazing women like Mary Blair, an American modernist painter who had a major influence on how color was used in early animated films, actor/inventor Hedy Lamarr, environmental activist Wangari Maathai, architect Zaha Hadid, filmmaker Maya Deren, and physicist Chien-Shiung Wu. Some names are known, some are not, but all of the women had a lasting effect on the fields they worked in.

The charming, information-filled full-color spreads show the Dreamers as both accessible and aspirational so readers know they, too, can grow up to do something amazing.

Harrison’s nonfiction picture book reads like a who’s who list of daring women. This compendium highlights the life histories and achievements of 36 curious and resourceful women, both living and deceased. Some, like Marie Curie, are often featured in collected biographies, while others, like Bessie Blount Griffin, may be less familiar. Each woman is allotted a one-page biography adjacent to one of Harrison’s now iconic portraits, crafted in Adobe Photoshop. The “dreamer” stands calmly and confidently, eyes closed, in the setting where she made a breakthrough, surrounded by the tools of her trade or her objects of study. In her introduction, Harrison reminds readers that in their own time, many of these women were not seen as luminaries and that it took a while for them to be appreciated. She also emphasizes throughout that scientists are creative artists. Back matter includes a list of 18 other visionary women, each with her own short biography; a catalogue of work by the subjects; and additional resources.

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