Love Never Fails

Join us as we delve into the transformative subject of love and its profound impact on every aspect of your life. Discover how walking in the love of God opens doors to unparalleled blessings and empowers you to overcome any challenge. While faith may seem masculine and powerful, you will uncover the truth that love is the most potent force on Earth. Prepare to unlock the mysteries of love that will render Satan powerless and usher you into a life of victory. Through profound teachings and personal revelations, experience the depth, richness, and immeasurable advantages of walking in love. Don’t miss this opportunity to embrace the true essence of love and it’s transformative power in your life.

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Love Never Fails

Today, I am teaching on the subject of love and I will be teaching us how walking in the love of God is a key that will grant you access to every other thing in the Kingdom. Generally speaking, in the body of Christ, anytime we talk of love, we give it a feminine expression. But when we talk of faith, it looks masculine because faith requires moving mountain. However, you will be learning tonight that the must powerful force on earth is love. I want to show you a key that will render Satan helpless and turn every challenge in your life to victory. It is a very powerful mystery.

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