Maximise Destiny

By (author)David O. Oyedepo

Predestination is an act of God but the actualization of it is the responsibility of man. God paid a great price to make something uniquely outstanding out of your life.

As the salt of the earth, you are by destiny designed to give taste to the earth and preserve the world system from decadence.

In this masterpiece, you will discover that:
– The prophetic agenda for the end time guarantees that you make a mark in your field of endeavour.
– We live in a dreamer’s world and only those with dreams will ever make a mark.
– It is your covenant birthright to leave footprints in the sands of time.
This book unfolds the vital keys that will help you maximize your glorious destiny in life.


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Title: Maximise Destiny



  1. Attitude is fundamental!
  2. Vision is vital
  3. Insight is essential!
  4. The mind is crucial!
  5. Function of the mind
  6. Developing the mind
  7. Obstacles
  8. Inspiration-The gateway!
  9. Dimension of the wisdom
  10. Manisfestations of wisdom
  11. It takes hard-work
  12. The supernatural dimension

Predestination, an act orchestrated by God, unfolds as a divine symphony in the tapestry of one’s life. God, in His infinite wisdom, invested a significant price to craft a uniquely outstanding narrative for your existence.

As the designated salt of the earth, your destiny is intricately woven to impart flavor to the world and act as a preservative against its moral decay.

Within the pages of this literary masterpiece, you’ll unravel profound truths, discovering that:

  • The prophetic agenda for the end times ensures that you leave an indelible mark in your chosen field.
  • We inhabit a realm where dreams shape our reality, and only those who dare to dream will etch their presence in history.
  • Your covenant birthright empowers you to imprint lasting footprints in the sands of time.

This book serves as an unfolding scroll, revealing essential keys to help you unlock and maximize the full potential of your glorious destiny. It beckons you to step into the rhythm of preordained purpose, poised to make a profound impact on the world stage. “Maximise Destiny”

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