My Big Handy Bible

By (author)Cecilie Olesen
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34.850 CFA

My First Handy Bible aims to communicate God’s character and His love to little ones with simple stories and charming illustrations. Over 1 million sold in 45 different languages. Simple one page story and marvelous, colorful illustrations to capture the toddlers’ attention. Thirty-one story pages including: God Makes the World, Noah Builds a Boat, Joseph in Egypt, Walls of Jericho, David Kills Goliath, Queen Ester, Daniel and the Lions, Jesus is Born, The Last Meal, Jesus Lives.

Children will love carrying around this retold and illustrated Bible with handle and lock. Glossy art paper captures the best loved Bible stories for ages 3-7. Illustrations by Gustavo Mazali.


Weight 0,540 kg
Dimensions 24,2 × 19,8 × 1,7 cm

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