Nigerian God’s Generals

By (author)Linus Edeigba

The Bible teaches us to honor and learn from those who have gone before us, especially those who have been used by God to make a significant impact in the world. “Nigerian God’s Generals” is a book that chronicles the lives and ministries of eight powerful ministers in Africa who have shaped the course of Christianity in Nigeria and beyond.

Written by Linus Edeigba, this book is a compelling collection of life stories that will ignite the fires of revival in your heart. Through the pages of “Nigerian God’s Generals”, you will discover how these men were born, how they lived their lives, and the teachings and spiritual discoveries that made them powerful ministers of the Gospel.

This book is a powerful resource for anyone who wants to learn from the experiences of those who have gone before them. It reveals how these Nigerian God’s Generals dynamically demonstrated the power of the Holy Spirit and how they impacted the lives of countless people through their ministry.

From Ajayi Crowder to Benson Idahosa and others, this book shares the notable deeds and lessons we can learn from these men of God. “Nigerian God’s Generals” is a must-read for anyone who desires to be inspired, encouraged and empowered in their walk with God. Order your copy today and discover the secrets to a life of impact and purpose.

Linus Edeigba

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This book chronicled the lives and ministries of the men God used in Nigeria and beyond to shape the course of Christianity in Africa. This book was written to help know about eight compelling life history of some of the most powerful ministers in Africa to ever ignite the fires of revival. It reveals how they were born, lived their lives, along with their teachings, their spiritual discoveries and many other things that would interest you – how they dynamically demonstrated the power of the Holy Spirit. Nigerian god’s generals by linus edeigba.
This book talks about men of god in nigeria whom have uses tremendously, men like;
– ajayi crowder.
– benson idahosa etc.
It talks about their lives, ministry, their notable deeds and lessons we can learn from them.



Objectives of this Book. Acknowledgements




  1. Samuel Ajayi Crowther

Apostle of Transformation and African Missionary

  1. Moses Orimolade Tunolase

A Man of Extraordinary Vision

  1. Joseph Ayodele Babalola The Great Revivalist

Benson Andrew Idahosa

Apostle of Faith

  1. Josiah Olufemi Akindayomi

Apostle of Prayer

  1. Samuel Gbadebo Adegboyega

A Man with Great Conviction

  1. Samuel Olusegun Odunaike

A Man of Courage.

     8. A Reformed Evangelist.

Reuben Akinwalere George

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