O God Terminate the Joy of My Enemy

O God Terminate the Joy of my Enemy “Let God arise, let His enemies be scattered. Let them that hate Him flee before Him.”(Psalm 66:1). If the scripture says that God has enemies, who are you , a living mortal not to have enemies? If you agree that you have enemies, then this is a book to read to put an end to the joy of your enemies.

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Chapter 1: O God, terminate the joy of my enemy

  • Personal errors
  • Captured by the enemy
  • Blood guiltiness
  • Prayer points

Chapter 2: Disgracing the enemy’s agenda

  • Deep secrets
  • Terrible adversaries
  • The agenda
  • The obstacles
  • How ?
  • The snare
  • Evil thoughts
  • Prayer points

Chapter 3: Set your spirit free

  • Prayer points

Chapter 4: Moving higher

  • The greatest gift
  • A complete christian
  • Spiritual babies
  • God’s wine
  • Prayer points

Chapter 5: The touch of fire

  • Prayer points
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