Open doors need to be serviced and maintained through constant and diligent obedience to the word of God and its application too. “May your doors remain opened perpetually from today in Jesus Name Amen”

God’s kingdom operates with respect to His principles and by –laws and each time these principles are ap-
plied rightly and consciously, there must be a heavenly response too. Endeavour to live with the guidelines and deadlines of these principles and you will see unusual open doors in your business, marriage, ministry and education pursuit. 

Victor Charles Okafor

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Chapter 1: What is a door and Who is the door?
Chapter 3: What closes the door?
Chapter 4: How to open the doors.


To ensure that open doors remain open, it’s important to regularly service and maintain them by diligently obeying the word of God and applying its principles in our daily lives. By doing so, we can experience the abundant blessings and favor that God promises. Let us pray that our doors will remain perpetually open in Jesus’ name.

As we align ourselves with God’s principles and live according to His laws, we can expect to see miraculous breakthroughs in various areas of our lives, including business, marriage, ministry, and education. So let us strive to live consciously and intentionally according to His guidelines and deadlines, knowing that our obedience will yield incredible rewards in this life and the next.

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