By (author)Dag heward-mills

The Bible admonishes us to: “look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others”(Phillippians 2:4). In this timely book, Dag Heward-Mills challenges you to go beyond thinking about yourself and think of others also! Love others also!

Consider others also! Care about others also! Live for others also! Jesus came to die for us because He thought about “others”. I want to be more like Him. Do you want to be like Jesus?

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Chapter 1: What You Must Know About “OTHERS”  

Chapter 2: “OTHERS” or “SELF”  

Chapter 3: What Jesus Did for “OTHERS”  

Chapter 4: A Good Samaritan Cares about “OTHERS”  

Chapter 5: Your Judgment Will Be Based on Your Treatment of “OTHERS”  

Chapter 6: A Real Apostle is Sent to “OTHERS”  

Chapter 7: God Blessed Abraham because of “OTHERS”

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