Power Against Captivity

Many people have been bound for a long time. Many have been walking up side for a long time. And unfortunately too, many have been exchanging one type of slavery for another. These kinds of situations have made life hell on earth for all affected persons. Captivity is slavery and it has different categories. Ignorance in this area has perpetually kept a lot of people in bondage. Dear reader, this book is your key to freedom from all forms of captivity. So, do not miss it.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1: What is captivity ?

Chapter 2: Major categories of captivity

Chapter 3: Some important statements about captivity

Chapter 4: Signs of captivity

Chapter 5: Satan’s strategies for putting men into captivity

  • The strategies of satan that have not changed
  • A name can perform five functions: deliverance from a bad name

Chapter 6: Receiving power against captivity

  • Some lessons learnt by Job
  • How you can limit God

Chapter 7: How to overcome captivity

  • Prayer points


  • Eighteen years captivity broken
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Emmanuel Menie

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