Power Against The Mystery of Wickedness

Power Against the Mystery of Wickedness exposes the depth of darkness, highlights its wicked antics and and tackles its wicked agenda. This is a divine life line for victims of wicked demonic attacks. Each chapter is coated with fire that swallows wickedness.There are explosive prayer points vomited by the Holy Ghost to disgrace agents of wickedness. The illustrations are superb, while the scriptural expositions on the subject matter are thought-provoking.The book you hold in your hands will surely release powerful bullets which will arrest the tide of wickedness. This is your ladder to the mountain of victory.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1: Power over stubborn spirits

  • The spirit of Absalom
  • The spirit of Ahithophel
  • The spirit of Uzziah
  • The next level
  • The spirit of Pharaoh
  • The spirit of Herod
  • The spirit of Haman
  • The spirit of Balaam
  • The spirit of Goliath

Chapter 2: Defeating the enemies of freedom

  • Freedom re-defined
  • A spiritual disaster
  • Dead faith
  • The power of the mind
  • Ignorance and freedom
  • Instances of spiritual bondage in the scriptures
  • The fall of man
  • Satanic threat
  • Rugged faith
  • Hindrances to total freedom
  • Unconfessed sin
  • Doubt
  • Family stronghold
  • Ignorance
  • Prerequisite to complete freedom
  • The condition of your heart
  • Level of faith
  • Strategic value in God’s kingdom
  • Knowledge of how deeply entenched you are in satanic bondage
  • Strongholds in the family
  • Willingness to be free
  • Determination, persistence and desperation

Chapter 3: My time has come

  • Discard discouragement, depression and doubt
  • The threat
  • The test
  • The triumph testimony
  • Alone with God
  • The touch
  • Arise and continue
  • The turning point
  • The substance and not the shadow
  • Let me die!
  • The visit of three old men
  • Do not pray for her !
  • The darkest hour
  • The cave of impatience
  • Evil imaginations
  • God’s Plan and programme
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Emmanuel Menie

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