Power Against Unclean Spirit

There is a burgeoning of interest, globally, in principles of deliverance. More people are discovering the importance of spiritual warfare and deliverance . People are no longer in the dark when it comes to issues of demonic attacks and spiritual bondage. There is an increasing hunger for defeating foul spirits. This book exposes the activities of foul spirits. Each chapter reiterates the fact that unclean spirits are subject to the power in the blood of Jesus. There is a prophetic combination of testimonies, scriptural illustrations and volcanic prayers. This uncommon combination will imbue every reader with the power to disgrace unclean spirits. This book will compel evil powers to take a bow.

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Chapter 1: Power against unclean spirits

Chapter 2: Power against the spirit of Jezebel

Chapter 3: Power through fire baptism

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Emmanuel Menie

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