Power of Brokenness

The Power of Brokenness is an eye opener on the link between godly virtues and divine blessings. It addresses a forgotten truth which is needed by believers who desire spiritual survival in this generation. The essence of brokenness is described severally in every chapter. Symptoms of lack of brokenness are enumerated regardless of whose ox gored. This book will ignite in your heart the fire of fresh passion for inner holiness. The prayer points will also extract from your life the dregs of carnality. You will discover a wave of righteousness.

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Chapter 1: The power of broknenness

  • Broknenness
  • Mortify the flesh
  • The broken life

Chapter 2: The missing ingredients

Chapter 3: Love and its properties

  • The character of love
  • Patience
  • Prayer points

Chapter 4: Knowing and living by the thruth

Chapter 5: The fruit you must blar

  • Prayer points

Chapter 6: Fake repentance today

Chapter 7: The power of true repentance

  • Counterfeit repentance
  • What to do


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Emmanuel Menie

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