Power to Achieve Success

God is perfect and has created everyone as an entity for success in life. Joshua 1:6-8 . However, if you can imagine the scenario of what could have become of our Lord Jesus Christ on his birth, if the three wise men had played along with King Herod, then you will know why people fail in life.
As the Author rightly said, “Success that is achieved is not only by dint of hard work or by natural means, you need a spiritually backed-up success. This is why you have to study and digest the ten keys listed in chapter one of this book. Power to achieve success is available for those who can seek Him.

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Chapter 1: Power to achieve success

  • Joshua
  • Greatness in life
  • Real success
  • The keys

Chapter 2: Success Blockers

  • Closed heaven
  • Important facts
  • Closed heaven

Chapter 3: When failure is tragic

  • The importance of failure
  • From the church to hell ?
  • The sccourge of failure
  • The joy of salvation
  • Real Salvation
  • The gate of sodom
  • The valley syndrome
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Emmanuel Menie

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